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Feb 2016

Zolertia Z1 at IoTWorld

The IoTWORLD testbed facilitates experimental research in the area of wirel


Oct 2015

The new revision of the RE-Mote is here!

Finally after weeks of waiting, the new revision A of the RE-Mote is finally here!


Oct 2015

RE-Mote featured in Meet-IoT, Turin 2015

The RE-Mote was present at Meet-IoT event, hosted in Turin during 1-2 of October 2015.


Oct 2015

RIOT 5th official release features the RE-Mote

The release 2015.09 of RIOT was presented last October 5th 2015.


Aug 2015

New Contiki 3.0 is fresh out of the oven!

Today the Contiki team announced the release of Conti


Jun 2015

Zolertia Re-Mote platform officially included in Contiki OS!

The Zolertia Re-Mote platform has been included in Contiki OS as one of the officially supported


May 2015

The IoT Week will organise its 2nd hackathon in June 2015 in Lisbon – the biggest one ever in Portugal.

The IoT Hackathon Lisbon will take place on the 16th-17th of June in the Pavilion III of the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa from 8AM


Apr 2015

And this is how we finish the Startupbootcamp acceleration program

Almost 3 months after we started the Startupbootcamp IoT & Big Data acceleration program the Demo Day arrived.


Apr 2015

Hacking the Solar Eclipse at the ICTP Workshop 2015

While at the Workshop on Scientific Applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) a total Solar Eclipse had place, with only half hour left to measure it, an ultra-quick hackathon started!


Apr 2015

Signing and verifying JSON data using ECDSA on Z1 motes

Device signatures (JSON and ECDSA) prototype on Zolertia Z1 motes by the University of Passau, in the context of RERUM IoT European project


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