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Sparrow and Zolertia development platforms

We are excited about the announcement of the Re-Mote and Firefly being the first non Yanzi platforms able to support Sparrow

Yanzi is a Swedish based IoT company founded in 2009 that offers many services including "end-to-end, horizontal and all-IP software IoT platform offering sensors, gateways and a cloud server system packaged into a Software as a Service solution for Smart Home and Smart Office applications. The horizontal and all-IP approach provides a solution that is easy, smart and evolutionary."

Yanzi introduced Sparrow as an open source application layer designed for implementation over Contiki OS. Sparrow is a complete application layer with an object oriented data model and protocols for discovery, inspection and read/write of data. Sparrow also adds some tools and software for setting up 6LoWPAN networks and over the air programming including Sparrow border router, Sparrow serial radio, Sparrow device server, and Sparrow demo. We at Zolertia also believe ultra low power operations is essential to real world IoT applications and we offer several outlets that allows our harware to run on 6LoWPAN protocols while enabling you to create your own internet capable devices acting as border routers and a mesh network.

To this date the devices that Sparrow supports include the Zolertia Re-Mote, Zolertia Firefly, and Yanzi IoT-U10/42. For more information about Sparrow visit their github page or ours here:

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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007- 2013) under grant agreement n° 609094

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