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May 2017

Zolertia Pack Ubidots


Apr 2017

Sparrow and Zolertia development platforms

We are excited about the announcement of the Re-Mote and Firefly being the first


Apr 2017

RIOT is Helping the IoT World & Zolertia Alike

The open source operating system is staking out new ground in a familiar way for IoT developers.   


Mar 2017

Zolertia & Ubidots

Willing to create IoT applications using Ubidots cloud platform and any a RE-Mote?


Mar 2017

z1 end of life


Feb 2017

Zolertia Internet Communication

Zolertia platforms support IPv6 over 6LoWPAN, that is, IP-based devices able to communicate to other devices such as WiFi/Ethernet connected objects, cloud-based systems and applic


Jan 2017

Zolertia Pack Open Thread available for Pre-Orders

As we told you a few months ago, with the


Dec 2016

New Orion Router

The Zolertia Ethernet Router allows to connect your smart wireless devices to Internet over IPv4/IPv6.


Nov 2016

The Firefly is back

A new batch of "freshly baked" Fireflies has arrived to Zolertia HQ and we can't wait for all of you to have one in your hands.


Oct 2016

Zolertia Workshop on IoT

Barcelona will be celebrating the second edition of the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress this month.


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