In Zolertia we offer hardware solutions for creating Internet of things applications. Engineers, universities, R+D centers and companies around the world are already using Zolertia boards to design and create their own IoT products.

We offer a line of diferent IoT platforms to prototype and develop connected devices that can easily convert into a real final product in a short period of time, all of these features thanks to their core module The Zoul.

Zolertia platforms for
Industry 4.0

Opening a new horizon in industries from the predictive maintenance to the security and monitoring of their machinery.

Smart Cities

We love to take part in Smart city projects, working on the prototype and development of solutions for a more efficient world.

Smart buildings

Requiring connectivity between all the equipment and systems in a building and with Zolertia technology it can be done


We offer solutions for Universities and Research Centers that are working on the study and development of IoT applications.

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Internet of things academy


Take the first steps in the IoT world

With Zolertia you have the right tools to start learning how to create Internet of things solutions, together with our online resources and support you will have everything you need to create your own IoT applications.

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Zolertia Partners Program

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