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Atos Security Implementation with Zolertia Re-Mote



“The trend to create IoT devices and equipment is creating daunting
security challenges. Researchers say the only way to address the
issue is to create a security culture.” via: Internet of Things World


Atos is the European leader in digital transformation and cyber security. Their department of research and
innovation aims to define a protocol to create secure communication channels in constrained
environments. This would be to avoid the conflicts in consumption of energy and to protect the data
and authorization information that is involves.

For this reason, Atos has developed an implementation of the PAT ( privacy authorization tokens) protocol in
the Zolertia RE-Mote, allowing security protocols in the board without affecting the power
consumption of their applications.

Untitled design (16)

The implementation of this protocol proposes a procedure to build tokens in constrained devices, which allows the authorization of clients that want access to establish secure channels for the privacy of exchanged information.


Zolertia RE-Motes were created within the European Research Project RERUM

Key Objectives of RERUM:

  • Identify common threats and open security/privacy/reliability issues in existing IoT frameworks for Smart City applications.
  • Develop an architectural framework for the interconnectivity of a large number of heterogeneous smart objects based on the concept of “security, privacy and reliability by design.”
  • Embed security and reliability on the hardware smart objects, providing reliable, self-managed, robust and context-aware communications minimizing energy consumption.
  • Investigate the adaptation of Cognitive Radio (CR) technology in smart objects to minimize wireless interference and ensure the “always connected” concept.
  • Evaluate the performance of the framework in two real-world Smart City environments: Tarragona and Heraklion.

All in all, Atos research and innovation department have collaborated with RERUM to specify and implement the outcomes from the project.

*Pictures above are from the demo implemented on the ATOS Spain Business and Technology Innovation Center.

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