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How Networking Works with Zolertia RE-Mote

Zolertia Network

What is the RE-Mote?

The RE-Mote automatically creates a self-healing wireless mesh network, addressable over IPv6 on top of 6LoWPAN. The RE-Mote also allows to connect to traditional IP-based networks over TCP/UDP. Similar to WiFi or Ethernet connected devices do, consuming from 60 to 300 times less power than any WiFi device.

How It Works?

A benefit of an IPv6 capable device is that it can use protocols such as CoAPLWM2M and MQTT, which are recent protocols that have been used for most Internet of Things Cloud-based applications. IPv6 addresses give devices a global unique address and allows pingsto check if your device is online.IPv6 addresses can run a webserveron the RE-Mote, read data from any web browser, and more.

The mesh extends the range by allowing devices to help each other by relaying each other’s messages. If a known route disappears, a given RE-Mote is capable of finding a new route to heal the network. Hence, there is no need to manually configure static routes. The mesh definitely ensures reliability.

Visit Zolertia Github to learn more.

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