ORION ROUTER                                   

ORION ROUTER                                   


Zolertia border router for 2.4 GHz and 863-950 MHz IEEE 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN, and ZigBee applications.

The Orion Router is a capable IPv4/IPv6 routing device, with an Ethernet interface and dual wireless radio, powered either via micro-USB or Power Over Ethernet (POE). The device integrates the ENC28J60 ethernet module, and an external POE module, supporting up to 48VDC.


  • Plug and play directly into any IP-based network
  • Seamless connectivity of 6LoWPAN and IPv4/IPv6 networks
  • Status and Configuration web-based interfaces
  • NAT64 available
  • Automatic static mapping of Wireless 6LoWPAN devices
  • Dual band operation in 2.4GHz or 868/915MHz
  • 10BASE-T Ethernet with Active POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Powered over USB or Ethernet

Orion documentation