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Zolertia Platforms

The core module developed by Zolertia to target most Internet of Things (IoT) applications and products.  The Zoul provides a ready to integrate module for most industrial and commercial applications giving a huge reduction of the development and certification costs, and the go-to-market time for new connected products and solutions.

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The Orion

The Orion is Zolertia’s ethernet router that allows you to connect your smart wireless devices to Internet over IPv4/IPv6.  It is compatible with several protocols and is powered via POE or USB. Ideal for research and development of WSN applications and to be used in the smart city, industry 4.0 and lighting systems. Purchase here.

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Zolertia’s Firefly is available for endless development of real IoT applications and products, working over long distance and low power consumption.  Commonly used for research and development, test beds, and smart home applications. Purchase here.  

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The RE-Mote enables your ideas to be connected to the Internet, providing seamless connectivity for many indoor and outdoor applications.  This industrial-grade design and ultra-low power consumption IoT platform gives you the opportunity to prototype wireless connectivity applications with 6LoWPAN communication protocol.  Commonly used for research and development, Industry 4.0, and cold chain management.

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